Gel Polish Vs. Regular Nail Polish – Which Is the Better Option?

Pampering their beauty instincts is nothing new for girls, and it includes their nail manicures. Having a beautiful set of well-manicured nails gives you the necessary confidence to take on the world. While enhancing your overall appearance, you should also ensure to maintain your nail’s health. Hence, it becomes imperative to use gel polish instead of the traditional acrylic paintwork on your nails. While both these manicures have their pros and cons, let us see how they differ from each other and why gel polish should be a better choice any day.

Gel Polish – The Pros

One of the significant advantages of gel polish manicures is that it lasts long. A properly-done gel manicure can last comfortably for up to three weeks, much more than what your regular nail polish can do.

Gel polish manicures have the least drying times as the UV curing process does not take more than a few minutes. In contrast, regular nail polish takes a lot of time to dry.

Using high-quality products like DND gel nail polish prevents the chipping and breaking of nails. The primary reason is that gel polish dries quickly and hence the chances of ruining your nails are less.

Gel Polish – The Cons

Though it is easy to apply gel polish, the removal procedure can get tedious. The process involves soaking your nails in acetone solution for more than half an hour. It can dehydrate your nails and skin.

Compared to regular nail polish, gel polish is expensive. Besides, going to a nail salon for a gel manicure increases the cost. However, women have become adept at applying gel polish to their nails at home, thanks to the pandemic.

As acetone can dehydrate your nails, you have to give your nails sufficient time to recover. Rushing with another gel manicure before your nails get rejuvenated can result in nail damage. They can become brittle and chip off easily.

Gel polish needs a UV lamp for curing. Exposure to UV rays can be a safety hazard because this light is not suitable for your skin.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of regular nail polish. It will help you to compare the two and make an informed choice.

Regular Nail Polish – The Pros

Compared to gel polish, the regular nail polish manicure offers you better freedom. It is easy to change your nail polish colors any time you do not like to have a particular color. Experimenting with nail art is also comparatively more convenient with regular nail polish.

Regular nail manicures are affordable because such nail polish products cost less. You can also have the manicure at home, whereby you save costs. However, you should note that cheap DND gel polish is also available that reduces the costs involved in having a gel manicure.

You do not expose your nails to UV radiation when you have a regular nail manicure. It is a safer procedure compared to gel polish manicures.

Regular Nail Polish – The Cons

The primary disadvantage of a regular acrylic paint job is the time required for the polish to dry. It can take a little more than an hour to do so. Meanwhile, there is a risk of damaging your polish or dust sticking to the nails. It can affect the overall manicure.

When compared to gel polish manicures, regular nail polish manicures have a reputation for chipping. If you want a durable option, it is always better to go with DND gel polish.

You might need several coats of nail polish to get the perfect shade you are looking for. Multiple layers can take time to dry. Besides, the coat ends up as a thick one to make it challenging to remove the paint subsequently.

We have understood the positives and negatives of gel polish and regular nail manicures. It should help you decide on the best option. If you weigh them carefully, you will find that the gel polish is a better manicure than the regular acrylic paint.


Yes, one can argue that the gel polish can be pricey. However, you have cheap DND gel polish available that is as good as the best gel polish you can get on the market.

Removing gel polish can be a challenge. It requires you to soak cotton balls in acetone and place them over your nails for a considerable time. Acetone can make your nails dry and cause them to become brittle. The remedy is to apply moisturizing cream or cuticle oil on the nails after removing the gel polish. It is a good idea to give sufficient rest to your nails and not rush with the next manicure for at least a week. In this way, you allow the nails to regain their natural strength and luster.