How Can Men Get Tanned? – Easy Tips for a Glowing Bronze Skin

Tanned skin signifies a healthy lifestyle and muscularity. Nowadays, men are highly fascinated by bronze bodies. Similar to bodybuilding, it has also become one of the vital elements of their schedule to boost up their self-esteem.

How Can Men Get Tanned

Why Should Men Get Tanned?

Tanning not only helps men to get a darker skin tone but also removes eczema, acne and provides an ample amount of Vitamin D. It helps to camouflage the natural look of cellulite, thereby providing a slimmer, young, and glowing look.

Male tanning is uncommon compared to women tanning, so little authentic information is available. So, men need to follow expert advice and tanning tips without harming the skin.

Here are some of the tanning tips that can help you attain a great and desirable physique.

Natural Tanning

If you are an outdoor lover, then enjoy natural tanning under the sun. But before exposing yourself to sunshine, to get safer and smoother tanning, you need to do the following.

Exfoliation – The process helps you get rid of the dead skin by scrubbing it properly. This step is essential before any type of tanning for an even, glowing, and long-lasting toned skin.

Effective Sunscreen – It is always advisable to use sunscreen with an effective SPF range to protect you from the harmful UV rays but get tanned simultaneously. I prefer to use SPF 15 in winter and SPF 25 or 30 in summer at peak hours.

SPF in sunscreen should be broad-spectrum so that it can shield you against UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before the exposure. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause unwanted sunburn and skin cancer.

Know Your Skin Type – Everyone has a different skin type, so you should be careful while choosing sunscreen or tanning oil/lotion before sitting out under the sun to avoid any kind of allergic reaction.

Tanning Oil/Lotions – Depending on your skin type, choose a tanning lotion that can moisturize your skin efficiently. Men love to have tanned legs, so numerous legs tanning lotions are available in the market, which can be purchased based on your skin texture.

Tanning oils hydrate your skin and get it tanned faster. The only difference between the women’s and men’s tanning procedures is the choice of a tanning lotion which is significantly different for both genders.

Protect Your Eyes – Use shades and an umbrella at regular interval to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Indoor Tanning Beds

In western countries, getting an ample amount of sunshine is not that easy due to its typical weather conditions. In such situations, the only alternative left for men is salons that provide tanning beds. These beds create artificial UV rays for tanning.

Such indoor activities help to have control over the type of tan and time. It is a faster process. While going for such tanning beds, you need to follow few safety steps.

Exfoliate – As discussed, always exfoliates before the tanning session.

Good tanning Lotion – Moisturization of your body before going for tanning bed is essential to avoid any dry and burned skin after the session. Such lotions help your skin to retain the essential vitamins and nutrients.

Do Not Rush – If you are a beginner, then you must know to regulate the time of your exposure. The time of exposure should be increased gradually according to your comfort. Take the help of salon experts.

Use Shades – Protect your eyes by wearing UV-protected shades.

Sunless Tanning

As the name suggests, it is a method that does not involve any sunlight naturally or artificially. It is considered to be one of the best methods as it is safer. Some of the best sunless tanners for men are available online. They are available as lotions or creams and have ingredients that activate melanin production, resulting in tanning.

For such a process, you need to prepare your skin by exfoliation, moisturization, choosing the right lotion based on skin type and texture.


Men can enjoy tanned skin like women by following methods that are safer and long-lasting. They should focus primarily on the tanning lotions available in the market, which are different from women’s. You should have complete details about the products and methods that you are using and their feasibility with your skin type.