Keeping Health & Safety When Doing Nails

Sometimes, because you are eager to work, eager to make money so as to take care of your life, you forget to take care of your own health. Especially for the nail industry, this is a beauty industry with a relatively large market, it brings a relatively high income, but most nail technicians have to be regularly exposed to chemicals. Learning is inevitable when working in this field. So how can you both make money while minimizing harm to your health? The answer here is to choose safe products to use, typically Nugenesis dip powder. This article is collected ways to care and maintain health to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals in nail beauty product lines.

Keeping Health & Safety When Doing Nails

The chemicals used in nail salons can be harmful to your health. However, there will be many methods to help you minimize the impact from them as well as protect yourself. First, let’s point out the chemicals that are bad for your health!

Common Chemicals in Nail Salon

Acetone (nail polish remover), Acetonitrile (false nail glue remover), Ethyl methacrylate (fake nail polish), Formaldehyde (nail hardener)

Methacrylic Acid (primer for false nails), Methyl Methacrylate (fake nail polish) banned from use in nail salons, Ortho-phenylphenol (disinfectant), Phthalates (nail polish), Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (disinfectant), Toluene (nail polish, false nail glue)

Each chemical will have a different effect on your body. Acne-prone skin; eye, nose, and throat discomfort; dizzy; and headache. Other chemicals can make the disease worse.

Methods of Staying Healthy

To prevent the harmful effects of chemicals, we have the following methods:

Always read labels and follow directions when using materials, store chemicals in small and clearly labeled containers and remember to close the button if not in use.

Place litter soaked with chemicals (such as cotton balls) in a sealed bag before placing it in the trash. Trash cans must be covered.

Wash your hands before eating or smoking. Hands must also be washed before and after working with customers and after using chemicals in the salon. Do not eat or drink near the desk.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Use the correct type of gloves. Nitrile gloves will protect you against readings in chemicals. Avoid latex or vinyl gloves.

Use the right type of mask when extracting chemicals or when polishing and filing nails

Choose Safe Chemicals When Possible

Whether you are a professional manicurist or a customer coming to enjoy services at a nail salon, you need to protect your health, no one wants to get sick after a beauty treatment or get sick after earning money! Therefore, in order to beautify safely and minimize the harmful effects of chemicals, you should consult to choose good product lines, with clear origin, safe ingredients and as natural as possible. Currently, the dip powder manicure method is considered a safe solution that both beautifies and causes less damage to nails, so have you tried Nugenesis nails yet?

What is Nugenesis Dip Powder?

Nugenesis Nails Dip is a premium product line, with 100% Organic ingredients produced in Canada & USA.

This dip powder is of safe, non-toxic origin, plus, you don’t need to heat them with UV or LED lights to dry them, they will dry quickly on their own, this method doesn’t need sulfur allowing the time to do nails 2 times faster.

Nugenesis powder is different from other products because it contains Vitamins & Calcium to help strengthen nails and not damage nails, so customers who come to the nail salon love it.

This product line has a soft, smooth powder, you don’t need to grind much with more than 300 super fashionable colors to help even the most demanding customers be satisfied.

On the other hands, Nugenesis brand has long affirmed their position and product quality in the US, Canada and many countries around the world when being trusted and exported to more than 30 different countries.

Final Thought

When customers choose to have services at your salon, you should know what they expect and what service they expect in relation to the service. Let’s help customers solve their worries about health safety and nail quality as well as keeping your health. To keep good healthy and safe when doing nails, you need to follow the above methods to avoid future damage.