The Twelve New OPI Gel Polish Shades in the New OPI Collection

OPI is one of the most renowned nail product manufacturers that keep introducing new colors and nail polish shades with fantastic regularity. The most challenging aspect of the new OPI collection is that it is impossible to choose a favorite because each of the 12 OPI colors listed in the OPI gel color XBOX Spring 2022 collection is a masterpiece by itself.

new opi nail polish

Here is the list of the twelve best OPI colors for you.

OPI XBOX Spring 2022 Collection

Quest for Quartz – Brown with Glitter

Brown ranks as the best amongst natural colors because no other color matches the skin tone better than the browns. Furthermore, if you have glitter to add to the attraction quotient, there is nothing more you can wish for. So, have a great time wearing the brown shades and make a convincing fashion statement.

Pixel Dust – Pink with Glitter

Can any color look more innocent than the pinks? This baby pink shade should be a must on every woman’s makeup table as she prepares to look enticing on her date. The pink with glitter should be perfect to attract her date and make him dance to her tunes.

Racing for Pinks – Pink Crème

While pink is the color that signifies innocence, the deeper pinks like the pink crème has a sensual quotient to make it the most exciting shade to wear. No woman would find her collection complete without the Pink Crème, making this colors nail polish the universal favorite.

Suzi is My Avatar – Salmon Crème

The salmon crème takes the pink shades to the next level as you find them the most attractive of all colors in this list. This beautiful shade can send the pulses racing ahead with adrenaline-pumping up like never before.

Trading Paint – Orange Crème

If there is any color that can make a noticeable difference to your personality, it has to be the orange crème. The natural orange shade signifies the rising sun and gives you the confidence levels needed to take on this world head-on. So, wear the Trading Paint and be streets ahead of the rest.

Hear and Con-soul – Bright Crème Glitter

Can you ever leave out the brightest red shades from any favorite collection? If left to me, I would have chosen all twelve red shades. The Heart and Con-soul is a magnificent color that can set anyone’s imagination on fire.

The Pass is Always Greener – Light Lime Crème

While the reds and oranges are great for making flashing statements, you need a sober color to create a subtle comment that could stand head and shoulders above everyone else in the room. So here is the light lime crème shade, the most profound shade of all.

Sage Simulation – Shimmer Light Teal

Nature is all about green and blue shades. The first color that comes to mind is pure blue whenever you feel like becoming one with nature. The new OPI collections respect this sentiment and have offered you the best natural choice in the Shimmer Light Teal, a unique blue shade.

You Had Me at Halo – Lavender Blue with Glitter

The lavender blue is a unique shade that brings out the natural beauty of the blue and the floral quality of the lavender in equal measure. It is another perfect color on your nails in spring as it gels beautifully with nature.

Can’t CTRL Me – Shimmer Light Blue

The beauty of the blue shade on your nails is that it does not allow anyone to get their eyes off it. The Shimmer Light Blue shade in the new OPI collection is one of the most attractive blue shades ever from the OPI brand.

Achievement Unlocked – Fuchsia Pink Crème

This new OPI XBOX collection would be incomplete without unlocking new achievements as it is for every game you play. The Fuchsia Pink Crème is a beautiful shade that defines your personality and brings out your hidden qualities in you, thus making a compelling power-packed fashion statement.

N00berry – Purple Plum Crème

The Purple Plum Crème is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the light blue and green shades. This bright color can be the perfect icing on the cake as the excellent fruity flavor.

Final Words

Choosing the favorite among these 12 exciting shades is next to impossible. There is no single favorite for me because each of these shades deserves to be at the top. That is the magic of the new OPI collection. The plus points of these twelve shades are that they are free from all toxic chemicals and provide a super shiny finish that can last for more than two weeks. It is the best OPI nail polish gel you can ever hope to get.