Tips to Get the Best Gel Polish Manicure

In this era of DIY gel manicures, first-timers would relish having some actionable tips on getting the best out of their gel polish manicures. Besides, these tips can help you experiment with gel polish and flaunt your innovative manicures on your social media handles.

Tips to Get the Best Gel Polish Manicure

Eleven Tips to Get the Best Gel Polish Manicure

Clean your nails before the manicure

Let us begin with the basics. The trick to having the best manicures is in getting the basics right. Beginners must understand the benefits of cleaning their nails before any manicure. Oil residue and other debris because of nail filing and buffing can affect your manicure. It is advisable to use a lint-free wipe dipped in 91% alcohol solution to clean your nails and disinfect them thoroughly before your manicure.

Get the best polish in town

Cheap and inexpensive nail polish products are available in plenty. Though it can be tempting to go for it, it is better to order high-quality Gelixir gel polish wholesale from our website. Besides saving costs in the long run, our products enhance your beauty quotient to the next level by ensuring the most attractive-looking manicures.

Shake your gel polish well before use

Gel polish is unique as it can settle to the bottom of your nail polish bottle. Therefore, it is essential to mix the ingredients thoroughly before using them. Though you get gel polish shakers in the market, you can shake the bottles well with your hands. Thus, it allows for an easy and uniform application without lumps on your nails.

Choose from an exciting range of gel polish

When you purchase Gelixir nails wholesale, you get a Gelixir color chart that could prove useful in the future. It helps you select the ideal color combos that could look beautiful on your hands. It can also help you order replenishments for a touch-up job whenever required.

Take care of your cuticles

Your cuticles can come in the way of an excellent and long-lasting manicure. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you do not apply any basecoat or nail polish on the cuticles. It can cause the nail polish layer to lift subsequently and affect your manicure. The ideal solution to prevent such mishaps is to apply some Aquaphor on the cuticles when getting a manicure. If any polish spills over to the cuticles, it will be on the Aquaphor and hence, easily removable.

Apply gel polish using short strokes

When painting your gel polish, it is better to use short strokes and start from the base of the nail and move upwards. Using short strokes helps you get a uniform application on your nails. In addition, it becomes easy to control the subsequent applications if you apply the initial layers carefully. Another advantage is that you avoid pooling your gel polish layer around your cuticles.

Capping the edges is crucial

Just as your nails can lift from the cuticle, the other end of the nail is equally important. Hence, capping the free edge is crucial to an excellent manicure. Capping is nothing but applying gel polish around the edges to prevent it from lifting in the future. Besides capping the edge on every coat, it is equally significant to do so with the basecoat and topcoat applications.

Remove the extra polish layers before curing

Curing your gel polish layer hardens it. It can be challenging to remove the additional layers of gel polish after curing. Hence, it is better to remove them initially and then cure them under the UV lamp. A positive feature of gel polish is that it wipes more easily than other polish applications. You can use a cotton wipe or a thin brush dipped in acetone to remove the unwanted layers.

Choose your ideal color combo

Gel polish is available in an exciting range of colors. It provides you the much-needed variety when applying gel manicures. You can refer to the Gelixir color chart and select the ideal combination that suits your preferences. The color chart comes along with the package when you buy Gelixir gel polish wholesale.

Go for the correct-sized UV lamp

UV lamps are available in various sizes. The ideal size should be the four-finger lamp because it enables you to make optimum use. You can cure four fingers at a time. You can cure your thumbnails together and ensure proper curing of your gel polish.

Cover the gel polish layer with a topcoat

You should cover the entire gel layer when applying the topcoat layer, especially at the free edges. At the same time, you should avoid cuticles. Having multiple topcoat layers can make it glossy and last longer. Otherwise, the manicure could come off with regular wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

These eleven tips can prove helpful to get the best manicures you can proudly show off on your WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook status pages.