How to Prevent the Makeup from Looking Cakey

Makeup can be an essential part of many of our daily life nowadays. People use it to look good, so if it becomes cakey or the finish doesn’t be that smooth, then there is no point applying it. As it will make you look worse than good.

So we will be sharing some tips and tricks for you to follow to prevent your makeup from being cakey.

How to Prevent the Makeup from Looking Cakey

Tools to Apply

You can use different tools to apply makeup according to your convenience.

Makeup Brush

Korean makeup brush can come in handy because of its compact designs and a soft brush; it helps your makeup apply smoothly on your skin. Just like any other tool a makeup also have both pros and cons itself. You may need more time to apply the makeup because it takes time to blend in correctly.

Beauty Blender

A beauty blender is a makeup sponge that will give you a flawless look when applying makeup. However, it tends to absorb the product.


Fingers can also be used to apply makeup. Many professional makeup artists use fingers to apply makeup. If the fingers are used properly, it can give you a pretty good finish.

Tips and Tricks

Those of you who apply makeup every day or occasionally, I guess you already know about these things. Still, I will share some information that may help you.

Taking Care of Your Skin

If your skin is dull and damaged, don’t think that applying makeup will make it look smooth and perfect. Things don’t work like that. So if you want your makeup to look outstanding and flawless, you need to have smooth skin to start with.

Wash and exfoliate your skin properly to make your skin soft and smooth. In this way, the makeup will glide on your skin smoothly, giving you an even application.

Preparing Your Skin

The first thing to prepare your skin is to hydrate and moisturize. You can use a hydrating toner to close the pores after washing or exfoliating to get that glow. Then moisturize your skin according to your skin type. Using a moisturizer based on your skin type is essential.

After moisturizing, don’t forget to apply primer before going any further. Primer is a necessary step as it will not only give you an even canvas to glide your makeup on, it will also help your skin to protect against the chemical products by forming a barrier in between them.

Choose The Right Colour Of Foundation

Some people may forget the point of using makeup as a whole when they choose much lighter shades for their skin tone, which makes the whole look cakey or not as smooth as it should be. Always check the right shade for your skin tone before buying one through a patch test.

Don’t Use Too Much Product

Sometimes we can go overboard to look perfect, don’t do that when it comes to makeup, as it will only make you look bad all over. If you apply too much foundation or powder, it will look cakey no matter how you apply it.

Setting Spray

For the last step, if you want your makeup to stay in place just as it is, then apply setting spray always after your makeup is done. Best setting sprays for oily skin can be used by the oily skin beauties even they can be applied on the normal skin as well; they will keep your makeup intact.


After all the tips and tricks, I hope you will get that even finish that will last longer. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed to keep your skin healthy.