Best Ways to Take Care of Your Old and New Tattoos

Tattoo inking is an extremely painful process. It requires a lot of guts to get a tattoo. You need to be very careful while handling your tattooed skin. A minor mistake can turn into a huge infection. Also, if you don’t take proper care of the tattoo, it loses its vibrance after some time. The colors fade out and become dull. So a tattoo aftercare routine is necessary to keep it bright and attractive. Nowadays a lot of products for tattoo aftercare are available in the market. These help in quick and easy healing of the inking. Here are a few simple and easy ways that can help you in tattoo aftercare. These ways are time tested and are very beneficial in protecting your skin.

take care your tattoos

Tattoo Aftercare Basic Guide

Some things are extremely important while going for a tattoo aftercare routine. It equally applies for new and old tattoos. Let’s have a look at it.

Good diet: A good diet is very helpful in healing your tattoo quickly. Inclusion of water based food items will help your tattooed skin to hydrate. You should incorporate foods that increase your protein level. These will help in regrowth of skin tissues.

Healing products: Right after getting a tattoo, your aim should be facilitating it’s quick healing. For this, you can use the best ointment for tattoos aftercare. This will soften the tattooed skin and allow it to nourish. Once all the nutrients are provided, the needled area starts to heal.

Tattoo protection: One important step in tattoo aftercare is protecting it from infections. You can use bandages to keep it safe from dirt and grime. A well protected tattoo heals faster and your skin remains safe.

Protection from sun:  Solar radiations can make your tattoo dull. Exposure to harsh UVA and UVB rays will make your tattoo lose its vibrance. An exposed tattoo will eventually lose all the color and attraction. So you need to keep it safe from all the harmful rays. For this purpose, you can use any broad spectrum sunblock that is specifically designed for tattooed skin. Use it regularly on both your new and old tattoos.

Numbing and cleaning products: Use of products like lignocaine containing balm or ointment will numb your tattoo. This will reduce the pain sensation and allow your tattoo to heal. You can clean your tattoo with a gently acting cleanser. Soaps with antibacterial properties are also helpful.

Natural remedies: A lot of people ask this question: can you put cocoa butter on a tattoo? The answer is Yes, you can. You can use all the naturally formulated products and remedies to allow quick healing of your tattoo. Cocoa butter has antioxidant and Moisturizing properties. This allows faster healing of tattoos due to extended protection. Apply a generous amount of cocoa butter on your tattoo and keep it covered. It will soften the dry spots and prevent itching and rashes.

Use of medicines: Some people have extremely sensitive skin types. Right after getting a tattoo, their skin might react in an inappropriate way. Such people should always consult a dermatologist before getting a tattoo. Get to know about the behavior of your skin, and use the medicines he prescribes you. In this way, your tattoo healing and protection will be hastened.


Everyone fantasizes getting a cool and trendy tattoo. But you should be well aware of the consequences a minor mistake can cause. Tattoos should be taken care of properly. Otherwise, a small infection can ruin your entire skin. Use our recommended tattoo care tips and instructions. These are tested and being used by tattoo enthusiasts since ages. You’ll get to know how effective they are in improving the brightness and attraction of your design.