Pregnancy Safe Skincare Products Choosing Guide

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey with standard milestones, but it is full of unexpected twists and turns for each individual. You strive to keep each aspect of your pregnant life safe and healthy for you and your baby. All the precautions you need to take keep you doubting the safety of each product you come across. Especially the skincare products that keep you on your toes because you need to check every ingredient on it for safety.

Pregnancy Safe Skincare

What if you have a list of safe and unsafe ingredients for the most used cosmetics in a place? Would that not be wonderful to have? Yes, provided below is the list of skincare product ingredients that are to be avoided and which are of safe composition. Pampering your skin using the safe creams and lotions or the most wanted BB creams needs some homework to know if they are safe. Below is your short and meaningful checklist to ease your worries.

Safe Products Contain:

Cocoa Butter, jojoba oils, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Aloe vera, etc. kind of natural ingredients.

Safe Products Should Not Contain:

Artificial chemicals dyes, BPA, Camphor, DBP, DEA, Ethyl Tosylamide, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Paraben, Petrochemical, Phthalate, Synthetic fragrance, Toluene, TPHP, Triclosan, Xylene kind of ingredients.

Though this is not a comprehensive list of all ingredients, it will serve you for the most used cosmetics, including the BB creams that you use for routine skincare.

Specific Characteristic to Look for in the Products

You may be having issues such as dry hair, skin blemishes, skin irritation, dryness, stretch marks, nails, chapped lips commonly during pregnancy. This might be temporary and are due to hormonal changes. They usually go away after this phase, but they need to be addressed that too, using safe products. By staying safe, you need to look for products that are

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Vegan

These days there are so many products in the line that there is a pregnancy safe lipstick with various flavors to help alleviate the queasy feeling.

What to Look for to Be Sure of the Safe Products?

All the chemical compositions or natural ingredients in their scientific names, on the skincare product label, intimidate the secure sense of using them. Pregnancy does not come alone, and it is followed by breastfeeding. So, to encompass the whole motherhood experience, I am providing two important screenings that make the product extremely safe to use during pregnancy.

Pregnancy-Safe Label

The straightforward way to look for safe products for skincare during pregnancy. These products are checked by the manufacturers for the harmful chemicals, and care is taken that they are avoided.


You may or may not be allergic before pregnancy, but things change unexpectedly and can trigger allergies for a short period. So always, it is better to be allergy safe to avoid any unwanted triggers.

Teratology Screened

Now, this is the most-safe product as it is tested by certified personnel and a genuine product. As they need to undergo a stringent and thorough screening process for the safety of mother and baby-safe ingredients. The congenital disability causing chemicals are strictly avoided and not even used in trace amounts in these products.

Located Screened

This is for pregnancy aftercare related where products are screened using this test. The test procedure is the same as above, but they are also tested for the permeability of chemicals through breast milk to the baby. So, this is also a sure shot test for products to be used during lactation.

The above information is the simplest way to know if the favorite lipstick you are choosing is pregnancy safe lipstick or not.