The Best 3D LDS Nail Designs

The ability to express the inner persona is especially successful in those who rely on distinct methods. Tattoos, the color of hair, choice of music, and choice of clothes are a few methods of expression often used. Women are known to be perfect in state of the art involving expression. Their creativity is mind-blowing. Women overly rely on nail arts to express themselves. Technological advancements in the beauty industry show that nail art comprises more than using polish to paint the nails. There are numerous modern methods of making the nails more beautiful. The use of LDS dip colors on nails is one of the most widely used modes of expression.

Nail Art Designs

Apart from nail painting, nail dipping powder can be employed in the creation of realistic nail designs like flowers and many other nail shapes. The flexibility of nail dipping powder is desirable. If used appropriately, it can produce a myriad of nail designs that can make your nails look more elegant than you can ever fathom. Its design range from simple nail colors to more complicated designs. If you seek to express your inner persona, this article has a hoard of 3D designs that you can try on your own.

Ribbon Patter with Free-Hand Black Design

This design is for those who perceive floral designs on nails as utterly mainstream and want to distinguish themselves with a shimmery design. Just like its name, the Ribbon Patter has the design of ribbons that are easy to apply. The feminine touches in the design make it unique. Also, introducing black lines beneath the model can help highlight and increase its dynamism. Adding rhinestones goes a long way to give the design the extra spark.

Single White Poinsettia in the Middle

Christmas is not the only time when you can show your unwavering love for the poinsettia. This design gives you a lifetime of fun because it makes it possible to enjoy your favorite blossom all year round. You have to decorate the middle of your nails with a white poinsettia anytime, anywhere. Your falls, summers or winters will feel like Christmas whenever you use black DND DC gel polish ad rhinestones to accentuate your design. 

Rose Bloom in Peach Nails

Roses are sometimes unavoidable and irresistible. The Rose Bloom design is perfect for those who have a special place in their hearts for roses. The design uses LDS D82 as a base coat to bring peach into life and produce enviable elegance that can be enjoyed all year round. The design can also be improved by making white shades of a 3D rose flower using LDS Liquid Sealer and Do2 Oatmeal. Furthermore, you can enjoy a touch of perfection by creating an additional accent using a cocktail of the available ingredients to design a dot and place a rhinestone on top. Classy, right? The design demands real adoration from those with heart jewels.     

3D Lavender Nails

Lavender mani is a great way to win the hearts of discreet lovers. It uses silver studs of distinct sizes to polish the nail tops resulting in a uniquely chic and classy appearance. Additionally, its versatility is desirable. If low-key is your way of life, then 3D Lavender Nails is your perfect mani for the season.  

Embossed Calla Lily Nail Art with Crystals 2

If you perceive models as enviable, Embossed Calla Lily will act as your avenue to beauty. Coupled with its creation simplicity, the design can be slightly altered to produce the allure that you envision. One way to achieve perfection using this design is to use a myriad of studs on the nail tips and decorating the nails’ bottom with smaller lilies. If you want a more elusive look, adding a few more studs on the nail tips will quench your thirst for beauty.

Transparent 3D Sequin Nail Art

Transparent Sequin Design is the ultimate definition of elegance. Besides, you do not need the knowledge of rocket science to create it. Simplicity is its demeanor. Its transparent base perfectly complements the beauty from LDS SCO1 DISCO Night. If the design is not yet satisfying, you can make your nails look fancier by decorating their top with silver sequins and gently creating an overlaying layer of smaller glitz. Also, a more ombre effect can be achieved if LDS D164 Too Glam To Give A Damn is sprinkled on top. A 3D theme is then made through finishing off the design with some silver studs. 


Have you ever imagined what LDS dipping powder can do for you? Well, acquiring the needed ingredients signifies relentless preparedness and efforts towards your journey to the epitome of perfection. If you are satisfied with the components you obtained from your favorite LDS nail supplies store, possessing the knowledge of how to create distinct LDS 3D designs helps you make the dream of having shimmery, chic, and perfect nails come true. While some designs are seasonal, others can provide you with a full year service. This article backs you up whenever you are stuck along the way.